*Please note that YouTube likes to randomly disable the comments section on these videos- just get in touch with me whenever that happens so I can turn them back on. Thanks!

Coolernow123 was the internet handle I went by while I made stopmotion animations of characters from the Gogo's Crazy Bones series, specifically Angiru, Fist, and Codi. (More info in the video above.)My other online aliases include the now-defunct RobotUnderscore and the currently-active wavetro.The reason why this video archive was made is because the new revisions of the COPPA law endanger the channel. There's a risk of the videos being forcibly marked as "for kids," despite some animations containing strong adult language. It would also erase the years of community built up in the comments section of each video. (More info in the video description on the YouTube page of the video above.)To get around this, I've hidden every coolernow123 video from YouTube and placed all their unlisted links in these equally-hidden playlists, so that any past coolernow123 fan can go re-experience the channel while it's intact.